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4 hand massage

To be touched, massaged as part of an encounter with all the dimensions of the Being by two perfectly synchronized massage therapists and connected to the person massaged during a three-way dance...

To be touched from the Body to the Heart or to meet yourself in all the dimensions of your being... this is what Elffe massage offers when it is given by a man and a woman. Through the energy in the presence of the male and female, this massage allows a rebalancing of the MASCULINE and FEMININE polarities;

Given by 2 men, it allows to contact the energy of the MASCULINE-FATHER;

Given by 2 women, it allows to contact the energy of the FEMININE-MOTHER and also allows you to reconnect with sensations close to the INTRA-UTERINE EXPERIENCE through the envelopment and the gentleness which this 4 hand massage provides.

Price: €120 (1h)