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Deep relaxing massage

The deep relaxing massage alternates between slow and quick movements. Deep or light pressure, palpate-rolling, gentle touching, rocking, stretching, kneading, and working on breathing are the most common techniques used in this treatment.

This massage comprises a complete massage of the body. By the gestural precision provided during the massage, the massage therapist will choose to work consciously on certain parts of the body (lower or upper limbs, trapezius, back, thorax, neck, head), according to the needs of person and the massage therapist's feelings.

While providing great gentleness, this massage is perfectly suited to people with muscle aches and pains, who are also in search of deep relaxation. This massage allows a return to the sensations of the body, which soothes the mind. It’s about reconnecting with the consciousness of the body and simply abandoning oneself to the wisdom of the latter. It is in a total surrender and total trust that we can make contact with cellular memories that carry life and light in many places.

This massage is sometimes accompanied by breathing work, which contributes to the ongoing relaxation process. You reconnect with the physical consciousness of the body, and very slowly, as the massages progress, the person reconnects to the precious tool that is breathing. The ultimate key to relaxation, conscious breathing allows a better management of emotions, a return to mental calm and a good re-oxygenation of tissues... why not reclaim it...

This massage provides calm and deep relaxation and also allows a return to oneself, depending on each person and the intention set at the beginning of the massage.

“You can’t understand life, you are life” LUIS ANSA

The deep relaxation massage lasts 1 hour 30 and includes the welcome, the installation and the time of the treatment. Massage price: €75