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The menstrual cycle,
the interior barometer serving the women who we are.

The menstrual cycle, the interior barometer serving the women who we are.
Friday 9 (evening), Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 August 2019

How can you best experience your menstrual cycle?
How can you make it an asset?

How many of us feel that we are less effective, that we want to withdraw from the world, that we want to cry, that we need time for ourselves or that we are slower at certain times of the month?
How many of us feel weaker, discouraged, listless, melancholic, irritated, angry, overworked or heavy just before menstruation?
How many of us can accept and allow ourselves these differences in rhythm and attitude based on our deep feelings?
This is what I propose you to discover and integrate during this weekend focused on the female menstrual cycle and its vital forces: understanding and using these energies in our daily, personal, professional, creative, and sexual lives.
Our menstrual cycle is made up of different phases, each having its own physical, mental and emotional characteristics.
Course content:
Here, in a few words, is the content of the weekend we will experience and the various creative tools we will use:
- Introduction to the various phases of the female menstrual cycle and the female archetypes associated with it in relation to our own lives;
- Individual energy care of the uterus to welcome new energies;
- Initiation with a tale relating to the female archetypes and the various phases of the menstrual cycle;
- Integration of the energies and movements of the various phases of our cycle into our lives;
- Expression through art: dance, writing, drawing in order to let the movement of life circulate within us and transform us.
Depending on our individual needs, we will visit the archetype or archetypes which are unbalanced or in difficulty at this time in our lives and welcome them with kindness to live our life as conscientious women.
We will reconnect to the love of our true Self, to the feminine and to our body, which is its vehicle: this is what I propose to you during this weekend in contact with the energies of nature, tarot cards, stories and shamanic rituals.


What is an archetype?
The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung defines an archetype as "a form of representation containing a universal theme structuring the psyche, represented in various symbolic forms. "Archetypes exist within us and all around us, in nature, in advertising, in art, in myths and legends, in films, in the form of characters or energy. In fairy tales we find the characters of the hero, the magician, the wicked witch, the fairy, etc. The energies related to the different phases of the menstrual cycle can be symbolized by female figures, who represent forces in action, in both a conscious and unconscious manner. By discovering and addressing these archetypes, their strengths and weaknesses, we can develop and grow these energies in ourselves and in all aspects of life.
The course takes place at the Wellness Centre "Le Temps d'une Pause".
Catherine France welcomes us in a magnificent house with guest rooms and a very beautiful room for conferences and seminars.
Ny is located in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes, near the villages of Hotton and Wéris, with its megaliths.
It is a very restful and quiet place, at the edge of a forest. We will spend a long weekend together cooking and living the transformation process in a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere!
The course can be residential or non-residential; if you live in the area, you can spend the night at home if you wish!
A very important point: just because it's an autumn course, this doesn't mean we're only going to visit this archetype within us! Every weekend, we will raise awareness of the four archetypes and transform the various energies according to the needs of everyone.
Practical info
Next course dates: Friday (evening) 19, Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 October 2018 for the enchanting phase relating to the autumn and the period before our moons.
Place: Le Temps d'une Pause - Chez Catherine France
rue du Douyet 2
6990 NY (Hotton)
Price of the course; 250 euros - 175 euros for students and under 18 years old.
Accommodation: The gîte can accommodate 12 people. The course is residential or not. I propose a Spanish hostel formula where everyone brings ingredients and we cook together over the course.
Catherine France offers guest rooms at 30 and 35 (triple and double) with breakfast, and single rooms (according to availability) at 50 euros.
Course timetable: arrival is from 5:30 pm on Friday, the course starts at 7:30 pm and ends at 5:30 pm on Sunday.
Information: Françoise Marquet -
+32,477 81 96 86
Each course is independent. You can choose to come to one or the other according to your desire and/or your time. Enrolling for a complete cycle is a wonderful adventure for anchoring, metamorphosing in our cells and mastering these energies in all aspects of our lives.
Registration:  registration is done by sending me an email and paying the deposit (half of the total amount of the course) to the account: BE05 6528 5534 5375.

The dates concerning the phases connected with spring and summer will soon appear on the website, in the knowledge that these two courses will be organised as from spring 2019.

250 euros per course - 175 euros for students under 18 years of age.
About me
A woman like you, on a journey of self-realisation.
Since August 2012, I have been studying my cycle, as proposed by Miranda Gray in Red Moon. I discovered that there were 4 distinct phases in the entire one-month cycle, with specific energies for each.
I met Miranda in February 2013 in Brittany where I received the initiation to become a Moon Mother and give the Blessing of the Uterus. In 2015, I received the advanced initiation of Priestess.
It is truly a great pleasure and happiness for me to share with you my findings concerning the meaning of menstruation  and the gift that it represents, as well as the fact of being a fulfilled woman in our modern and western society.
The archetypes related to the phases of the cycle provide precise and specific advice for all aspects of life. They are powerful allies in my professions as an actress and harpist.
Today, I live in Belgium and I like to accompany women who wish to do so in individual sessions during the courses I organise, allowing you to rediscover the power that is in each of us and live it harmoniously in everyday life...and indeed in all areas of your life.