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Energising harmonising massage

Daily stress and the protections installed unconsciously when we react to different situations generating discomfort or fear in us prevents the energy from flowing harmoniously in our body. The energetic massage allows us to reconnect with the physical consciousness of the body but also to free the energy blockages in us.

This massage is very gentle and suitable for anyone seeking deep relaxation, but who is above all eager to reconnect with the wisdom of the body and to contact the life energy of which it is the guardian. It also allows a return to yourself according to the intention set at the beginning of the massage.  During the massage, a treatment of UNCTIONS of sacred essential oils is given to you to accompany you to the heart of your being.

The harmonising energetic massage alternates between slow and fast movements, deep or light pressure. This massage consists of a complete body massage but also a re-harmonisation of our subtle body. To do this, the therapist ensures that they are attentive to the energetic movements present and introduces various listening times and breaks during the treatment.  It is in a total surrender and total trust that we can make contact with cellular memories that carry life and light in many places.

“You can’t understand life, you are life” LUIS ANSA

Price: energetic massage massage accompanied by sacred unctions treatment: €95/1 hour 45 mins

 The Elffe massage consists of enveloping movements, slow, long, fluid and encompassing. This massage has a very gentle approach. During this treatment, the practitioner essentially uses their forearms accompanied by their hands to bring presence and gentleness to the massage. This massage also includes breathing work, which contributes to the ongoing relaxation process.

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