Appointment scheduling between
5 pm and 7 pm from Monday to Friday

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Individual accompaniment

Taking time for yourself, welcoming this time of benevolent listening for yourself and emerging from all the stories you tell yourself...this is what I propose to you during this individual accompaniment.

A benevolent listening and welcoming of what is lived, felt and experienced in us and around us, gives way to a space of love where we can take responsibility for the lived experience in order to no longer feed the victim in us. Life is expressed beyond us and we cannot change the course of events, but we can bring more light to it. In this light, it is a question of becoming aware of our creation when we identify with the characters of the story being told, and nurture thoughts or old patterns that are still working in us. This time of pause and sharing is part of a process of love in which vulnerability and exposure are the occasion for a profound transformation and deconstruction of old patterns that no longer have their place.  Seeing that everything is perfect and contributes greatly to a change of consciousness makes it possible to no longer react to what is being experienced, in order to best accompany oneself in the ongoing reconciliation process. It is much more about welcoming ourselves where we are than about wanting to change things around us. It is an act of love for oneself that allows this beautiful transformation around us.

This accompaniment will also be the moment to make contact with our body, our sensations and to let us be guided by the way of feeling. Our bodies do not cheat, do not manipulate us. When we do not take care of what we feel, our body expresses it in different ways. This is the perfect guide to lead us to what makes sense to us in life. Listening to your body requires a conscious participation in the quality of love we offer it on a daily basis. This is  whole learning process in itself, since until now, we have given more importance to thoughts, to the detriment of feeling and our quality of life on a daily basis.

Price: €60 (1 hour)

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