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Massages for pregnant women

The joy of being a mother does not exclude certain discomfort which accompanies this transition phase experienced by the mother-to-be throughout the pregnancy.  Aches, muscle aches, nausea, mood swings, stress, physical and psychological changes may be experienced by women preparing for the arrival of a child.

The massage for pregnant women is a soft, reassuring experience. From the fifth month of pregnancy, the expectant mother lies on her side with cushions added below the knees to provide her with the greatest possible comfort.

The benefits of this massage are the reduction of muscle tension and cramps associated with the physical changes women experience during pregnancy. It also reduces water retention by gently and lightly massaging the lower limbs, allowing stagnant liquids to be transported to the lymphatic centres on the surface. Bringing calm and relaxation, it also allows the mother-to-be to settle down gently and to take care of her body but also to come into contact with the wisdom of the body through feeling.  It thus prepares her for the art of relaxation, necessary during childbirth, but also for the magnificent experience that awaits her...being a mother!

This massage is of course a privileged moment of meeting between the woman and her child. This encounter takes place in a space of love where the mind no longer has any control. Fears disappear, leaving room for a journey where two souls meet: that of a beautiful mother-to-be and that of a soul that has come into being within a woman’s body, a place of welcome and gentleness where life can only be sown to be incarnated on earth.

Price: €75 (1 hour 30 min) with neck and head massage, only possible if the mother-to-be can lie on her back.

          €65 (1 hour)

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