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Your wellness space

You’re looking for of deep peace, to reconnect with the wisdom of the body: Le Temps d'Une Pause offers you care for all levels of being: physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Harmonising massages and energy treatments

Touching and allowing yourself to be touched a journey to the centre of BEING.

BEING attentive to my body is for me the way to feel, which allows me to realign myself with what makes sense to me in life. Being attentive and observant of emotions, sensations or our inner barometer are the opportunity for a total acceptance of what we are going through in life to gently bring more awareness and then see it as an opportunity to change our view of things. This path of returning to oneself and reconnecting with this sacred space is an invitation to no longer seek illumination outside of ourselves but to reconnect to our inner light to let it brighten our areas of shadows and see life transform itself in us and around us.

Allow yourself the time for a pause and some relaxation! Giving yourself time to meet each other and meet the other makes sense!  Allowing yourself an experience where the quality of presence and touch can be the opportunity to reclaim a better listening to our body. Welcoming yourself or another with kindness: this is what I propose to you at the Temps d'une Pause. 

Massage therapist, energy practitioner, I accompany you to welcome your emotions, sensations and pains which are accepted or repressed, in order to let them return to consciousness. This illumination then allows through relaxation and release during the massage to contact a peaceful space, where the sacred and ancestral wisdom are at the source of a process of reconciliation with our life path and the stories or beliefs which no longer have a place in this new presence to the love that we are.  It is by abandoning all willingness to change things for ourselves that we let the light work in us in the service of life. When we observe and welcome our shadows with love and kindness, we can then feel this new space, offering ourselves to life to nourish this new state of being free from unconscious creation on our part. At that moment, we realize how much we are the creator of all things, how much we participate in the whole creation by letting ourselves be taken by the energy of life of which we are the custodians. We also realise how there is no longer any separation between the creator and the creation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Our infra-red cabin

You can also book our infra-red cabin, which has the same principle as the sauna. Infra-red cleanses the skin in depth, stimulates cell renewal, and soothes pain through muscle relaxation induced by the infiltration of infra-red into the skin.

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We are located at Durbuy near Hotton. Don’t hesitate to make contact with us for an appointment for for any further information, on our massage centre or on room reservations for professionals. 


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